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Right this moment is one thing of a special occasion for the viral word-puzzle sport Wordle. It’s the 222nd entry. It’s been 111 days because the 111th entry, and might be one other 111 days earlier than the 333rd.
I ponder if the sport’s passionate following will continue to grow for the following one-hundred and eleven days or if this may all fizzle out? I’m going to play the optimist and rely on progress.
Should you’re new to Josh Wardle’s free (and completely ad-free) puzzle sport, I’m right here to assist. Earlier than we go additional, listed here are two items you may want to check out that I’ve written about Wordle:

You’ll find Wordle at its official web site. The official sport just isn’t on the App Retailer or Google Play, although there are copycats and clones of the sport in every single place—for bette or worse. I can hardly blame different sport builders for using Wordle’s coattails a bit. Clearly the sport has a robust draw—although I think a few of that’s its class and ease.
Here is at the moment’s Wordle phrase of the day #222 for Thursday, January twenty seventh.
And the truth that you may solely play as soon as per day. A brand new phrase goes stay at midnight native time every day for gamers to unravel. You get six guesses to determine the five-letter phrase and a few days are far more difficult than others. Yesterday’s, as an illustration, I managed in simply two guesses.
Monday’s Wordle, alternatively, stumped lots of people and ended up trending on social media. I nearly didn’t get it, however managed to eke out the proper reply within the remaining guess.
Earlier than we get to the reply, two issues. To begin with, because the phrase “reply” implies (each within the headline and within the physique of this textual content) I’m going to supply at the moment’s reply. It is a spoiler warning. You could have been warned that spoilers are imminent and you must flip again now in the event you don’t wish to be spoiled.
(I’m actually bending over backwards as some folks have gotten mad at me for posting these despite the fact that they at all times comprise a spoiler warning and, you realize, the phrase “reply” within the headline).
Second, a touch earlier than we proceed:
Helpful in a joust.
Wordle #222 reply
So this one took me extra guesses than I care to confess. ‘TRINE’ was a random phrase that simply popped into my head. With ‘I’ and ‘E’ gone, I figured the ‘T’ would observe the ‘N’ and I’d check out ‘U’ earlier than making an attempt ‘A’ or ‘O.’
I guessed ‘SHUNT’ which feels nearly as random as ‘TRINE’ however generally I simply go together with what pops into my head.
This was a curse and a blessing as I now had three right letters within the right spot, however for some purpose my mind needed me to give you phrases that rhymed with SHUNT—ergo, BLUNT and STUNT and many gray containers.
I cooled my heels at this level and thought of how ‘A’ might play a component. ‘TAUNT’ wouldn’t do and ‘DAUNT’ felt improper. I pulled ‘O’ off the shelf and contemplated.
Then I considered one among my most-anticipated video video games, Elden Ring, which comes out subsequent month. For the primary time in a FromSoftware sport, there can be mounts. And ‘MOUNT’ did the trick!
Etymology Notes From My Father:
Every day, my dad shoots me an electronic mail with the etymology—aka phrase origins—of the each day Wordle which I’ve been including to those posts. Right here’s his tackle mount:
“You guessed this one, I’m positive. Mount comes from the Latin phrase, by means of Outdated French and Outdated English, for mountain. Poets used the phrase way back to assist their rhyming when that further syllable in mountain was simply an excessive amount of. Other than naming nice heights like Mount Rushmore, it’s principally a verb at the moment. You may mount a horse (although it has fairly a distinct spin if a horse mounts a horse), mount an image, mount an assault or mount a protection. Should you’re in a rush, you might most likely mount extra of a rush to get to Mount Rushmore.”
That’s all, of us! Have an exquisite day-before-Friday, fellow Wordlers! The week is nearly out and the weekend approaches!
Make sure to observe me on this weblog—and on Twitter or Fb—as I’ll have the Wordle resolution out every day vivid and early.

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